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Alex Quian

Gen Z founder, author, and social impact leader


My name is Alex Quian, and I'm a Gen Z social impact leader who is passionate about encouraging other youth to lead service in their communities and leveraging the power of serve to build connections.

This mission is inspired by a life-changing experience I had in summer 2019. I asked my mentor how I could learn more about serving my community, and he challenged me to complete 30 different service projects in 30 days. Despite my initial hesitation, I took on this challenge. Over the course of that summer, I impacted over 1,800 people in the DFW area, worked with more than 20 organizations, and was featured by NBC5, Dallas Innovates, the CW33, the Dallas Observer, and more.

I learned so many valuable personal and professional lessons from this experience, but most critically, it showed me the importance of giving back and inspired me to dedicate my life to service. Inspired, I started a nonprofit to support the holistic development of youth in the areas of service-learning, entrepreneurism, lifelong learning, physical and mental wellness, and professionalism.

Founded shortly before the pandemic, this nonprofit created a website for college kids to access critical COVID resources; launched a podcast that allowed executives to provide mentorship advice to young people; and started a scholarship for high school seniors impacted by COVID.


In 2021, wanting to help other youth give back to their communities, I published a book about my service journey to share lessons I learned and encourage others to serve. Now, I've founded a new nonprofit, United by Serving, that is focused on empowering youth to create and lead their own service opportunities.


If you're interested in connecting, please email me at

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Purchase My Book

Better Together: How 30 Days of Service Changed My Life is a book about my service journey and the valuable lessons that I learned from it. The book recounts all 30 service projects from my 30 Days of Service initiative and provides practical resources to help youth and young adults lead service projects, develop their careers, become better leaders, and more.

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I'd love to connect with you. Please email me at

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